Tracking controllers

Tracking controllers


Model: GF-CCS-V1
Certifications: ISO9001, CE, UL
Application: Solar tracking system, Solar tracker, PV tracker, Solar farm / plant.

Product Description:

1.Wind load monitoring: It contains a wind speed sensor, which can monitor the real-time wind speed of the power station.
2.Self-protection: When the module inside of the CCS detects extreme weather such as strong wind, it can automatically send control instructions to the TCU to adjust the angle, thus ensuring the safety of the PV modules.
3.Diagnostic function: CCS can directly read the status and data of the TCU while monitoring the real-time status, give the diagnosis accordingly and report the malfunction timely if any.
4.Automatic adjustment: CCS can directly send instructions to its connected TCU, to achieve the "one button flat" wind protection function.

Technical Specifications:

Model GF-CCS-V1
Control System MCU Power Supply Voltage AC220V 
Wired communication mode RS485 Range of wind speed sensor 0-50m/s
Communication Protocol Modbus
Wireless telecommunication mode Lora Quantity of TCUs Controlled(Recommendation) 120
Debugging port RS232 GPS Timing
Protection Grade IP65 Operating Temperature -40℃~60℃

  • Product Advantages

    • Reasonable price.
    • Durable & reliable quality.
    • Customized & multiple designs.

  • Quality Warranty

    • QC under ISO9001 quality system.
    • Improved & steady process control.
    • Full inspections & tests to guarantee quality.

  • Dedicated Service

    • Prompt response to clients’ request.
    • Well trained team for complete work flow.
    • Flexible growth with market & industrial change.

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