Tracking controllers

Tracking controllers


Model: GF-AC-V1 
Power: AC-Powered TCU
Certifications: ISO9001, CE, UL
Application: Solar tracking system, Solar tracker, PV tracker, Solar farm / plant.


Product Description:

This controller is designed for horizontal single axis tracker system and can run automatically without manual intervention in daily work. It can greatly reduce labor and maintenance costs, achieving low cost operations.
Its main features are: 
1. Sun tracking function: Solar panels rotate according to the solar azimuth and altitude angle to ensure accurate and reliable tracking;
2. Backtracking function: No shadow on the solar panels throughout the day to ensure the best power generation;
3. Protection function: Cooperate with our CCS(Communication Control System) and NCU (Network Control Unit) to achieve self-protection in bad weather;
4.  Fault detect function: Detect limit, over current and other problems.

Technical Specifications:

Model GF-AC-V1
Control System MCU Supply Voltage AC220V 
Control Algorithm Astronomical algorithm + angle sensor, closed-loop+ Backtracking Driving Motor Voltage DC24V
Max. Working Wind Speed 18m/s Battery NO
Tracking Range +60° Tracking Accuracy +
Driving Type Slewing Drive Qty of Motor 1
Communication Protocol Modbus-RTU Communication Type Lora wireless
Power Consumption 0.2-0.5Kwh/Day Motor Power 350W
Protection Grade IP65 Operating Temperature -40℃~60℃
  • Product Advantages

    • Reasonable price.
    • Durable & reliable quality.
    • Customized & multiple designs.

  • Quality Warranty

    • QC under ISO9001 quality system.
    • Improved & steady process control.
    • Full inspections & tests to guarantee quality.

  • Dedicated Service

    • Prompt response to clients’ request.
    • Well trained team for complete work flow.
    • Flexible growth with market & industrial change.

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