Solar tracker dampers

Solar tracker dampers


Brand: GF 
Type: damper, shock absorber
Application: Solar tracking system, PV tracker, solar farm / plant
Function: against wind vibration, stabilize PV tracker / tracking system

Why use dampers for solar tracking system

Solar plants equipped wth tracker or tracking systems enable  PV modules  turn with the most accurate alignment as the Sun's position shifts and collect optimum sun energy for the longest period of the day and improve power output and lower levelized cost. However, tracking system is unstable at relatively modest wind speeds. Measures such as external dampers must be implemented to stabilize the system.

Working principle

The damper is designed with customized damping in extension and compression directions to dissipate wind shock and stabilize solar tracker or tracking system in smooth running.

GF solar dampers

GF new energy technologies is dedicated to develop dampers and shock absorbers for solar tracking system. 
We provide custom configuartor and optimal designs to suit different trackers, help clients to reduce cost and obtain advantage.

  • Product Advantages

    • Reasonable price.
    • Durable & reliable quality.
    • Customized & multiple designs.

  • Quality Warranty

    • QC under ISO9001 quality system.
    • Improved & steady process control.
    • Full inspections & tests to guarantee quality.

  • Dedicated Service

    • Prompt response to clients’ request.
    • Well trained team for complete work flow.
    • Flexible growth with market & industrial change.

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