How does PV Power Generation Protect against Lightning

Solar power generation uses PV technology that converts solar radiant energy into electrical energy using a square array of solar cells to work. According to the operation mode, PV power generation can be divided into grid-connected PV power generation and off-grid PV power generation.

1. Grid-connected PV power generation is a PV power generation system that is connected to the grid and transmits power to the grid. It is an important development direction for PV power generation to enter the stage of large-scale commercial power generation, and grid-connected PV solar power plants have become an integral part of the power industry, and it is the mainstream trend of PV power generation technology development. The grid-connected system is composed of a solar cell array, a system controller, and a grid-connected inverter.

2. Off-grid PV power generation refers to a PV system that is not connected to the grid for independent power supply. Off-grid PV solar power plants are mainly used in areas with no electricity and some special places far away from the public grid. The independent system consists of PV modules, system controllers, battery packs, DC/AC inverters, etc.

Solar PV power station is a new type of green new energy, will it be affected by thunderstorms? The following PV system solution personnel will introduce to you how PV power generation protects against lightning.

1. The basic composition of solar PV grid-connected power generation system: solar cell array, DC power distribution cabinet, AC power distribution cabinet and inverter, etc.

2. When designing a lightning protection system for PV power generation systems, from the input end of the solar cell array to the user, lightning protection measures are taken against direct lightning strikes and induced lightning strikes, thereby providing an important guarantee for the safe and stable operation of rooftop PV power stations.

3. Since solar cell modules and inverters are relatively expensive, lightning protection and surge protection are essential to avoid economic losses caused by lightning strikes and surges.

4. Lightning damages the PV power generation system in three ways: direct lightning strike, lightning induction and lightning wave intrusion. The lightning protection of the solar rooftop PV power station is divided into two parts: direct lightning protection and induction lightning protection.