Requirements for raw materials of photovoltaic tracking brackets

The photovoltaic tracking bracket can be used repeatedly, which is very economical and safe. It is a new type of equipment. It is mainly installed on buildings or curtain walls and the ground. Therefore, the manufacturer should pay attention to the selection of raw materials to ensure the quality of the equipment. Safety. Photovoltaic tracking bracket is a special bracket for placing, installing and fixing in photovoltaic power generation system. It is mainly made of concrete, steel, aluminum alloy and other materials, and has become an important auxiliary material for green energy. The following photovoltaic tracking bracket company introduces you to the requirements of the raw materials for photovoltaic tracking brackets:

1. The installation materials need to have quality certificates, signs, inspection reports, indicating product varieties, specifications, and performance indicators. The content of the signs must meet the requirements of product standards, contract terms, and design documents.

2. Re-inspect the materials used in the production and installation of the bracket in accordance with the requirements of the standards, and perform the re-inspection of various performance indicators in accordance with the current standards and the provisions of the order contract.

3. The surface of the photovoltaic tracking support material must not have cracks, scars, folds, hemp patterns, bubbles, inclusions or cracks, slag inclusions and other defects.

4. The commonly used materials are divided into main materials and auxiliary materials:

Auxiliary materials: including connecting materials, coating materials, welding materials, connecting fasteners, anti-corrosion coatings and others.

Main materials: including steel plates, steel pipes, profiles and cast steel, etc.

5. If we need to use imported materials, we also need to have corresponding certificates of conformity in accordance with corresponding standards.

6. The pipe and profile materials need to meet the requirements of my country's corresponding standard documents.

7. After all the photovoltaic tracking brackets are qualified, they can be manufactured, installed and used.