Tracking controller

Tracking controller

PV Tracking Control

Model: GF-FA 260P
Power: AC-Powered TCU
Certifications: ISO9001, CE, UL
Application: Solar tracking system, Solar tracker, PV tracker, Solar farm / plant.

Product Description:

In automatic tracking mode, the GF-FA 260P controller will automatically send out tracking commands according to the sun’s current position. Control the operation of motor actuators. Real-time tracking of the sun by photovoltaic modules and increase power generation by more than 25%

Product Advantages:

* Low loss design

* High safety performance, passing more than 20 internal tests (UV, thermal cycling, wet cooling, etc.)

* Simple installation and debugging, reducing labor and time

Technical Datasheets

System Datasheet

Models of product

GF-FA 260P

Types of tracking panel

horizontal single-axis / titled single-axis panel

Drive systems

slewing reducer + DC motor / linear actuator + DC motor

Motor power


Daily power comsumption


Types of control

active tracking closed-loop control(astronomical algorithm+location feedback)

Mechanical Datasheet



Box material

polymer material Makrolon®6487

Water-Proof level


Display interface


Keyboard interface


Electrical Datasheet

Types of power supply

L+N (two-phases input)
90-264VAC (wide input voltage)

Output voltage


Wind protection


Nighttime reset protection


Disturbing protection

YES(soft pounding protection, over current protection, over load protection)

Anti-shadow tracking


Wind speed protection


Types of communication

ZigBee/LoRa (wireless) / RS485 (wired)

Angle range of tracking


Models of AI Control


Network background


Work temperatures


  • Product Advantages

    • Reasonable price.
    • Durable & reliable quality.
    • Customized & multiple designs.

  • Quality Warranty

    • QC under ISO9001 quality system.
    • Improved & steady process control.
    • Full inspections & tests to guarantee quality.

  • Dedicated Service

    • Prompt response to clients’ request.
    • Well trained team for complete work flow.
    • Flexible growth with market & industrial change.

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